Filothei – Oreokastro network upgrade

The double project of upgrading the water supply network of EYATH in Oreokastro and Filothei of the municipality of Pavlos Melas is being completed, which will increase the drainage in these two areas and will allow the coverage of new, currently unserved areas in the future.

Specifically, the entire 3,700 m long network that will transport water to the existing water supply tanks of Filothei, has already been constructed, while the parallel construction of an 850 m pressure pipeline from the main reservoir on Simachiki Road to the reservoir located in “Karydia” of the municipality of Oreokastro. This sub-project is necessary for the water supply of Filothei, but it will strengthen with water the area of ​​Galini of Oreokastro. In the next few days, the wells will be constructed, the appropriate equipment for remote control devices will be installed and the new networks will be tested and cleaned, in order to be put into normal, full operation.

“Consistent with the schedules we have set in our investment program, we deliver a development project that will improve the quality of life of the residents of Oreokastro and Filothei and in the future will enable us to provide excellent quality water in areas that lack it. Crucial here will be the expansion of the Water Treatment Plant, with the ability to manage an additional 150,000 sq.m. of water, a project that is in the phase of emerging the final contractor “, pointed out the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis, adding that” today is World Water Day, but our bet is to celebrate it every day with works of inspiration and improvement of everyday life of our fellow citizens “.

“The theme of this year’s global celebration is the appreciation of water and its value in all contexts, from household and industry to religion and climate change. With #Water2Me the United Nations invites the world’s population to an open debate about water and its paramount importance in human life. Our contribution as EYATH in this ‘discussion’ is identical with our goal of expanding our area of ​​responsibility within the next five years, doubling the available amounts of water for the Urban Planning and finally reducing – at the level of the drainage basin – our water footprint by 30% by 2030 “, said the chairman of EYATH, Agis Papadopoulos, on the occasion of today’s World Water Day 2021, which is celebrated mainly online due to the pandemic.

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