EYATH water is always safe!

Following a press release of the Greek Police department for the formation of a case against three people for environmental pollution ending up in Aliakmonas river in 2019, EYATH clarifies the following:

– “The large amount of liquid waste discharged into an irrigation canal”, according to ELAS, obviously never ended up in the city network. On the contrary, the solution of the interruption of the water supply of Thessaloniki from the Water Treatment Plant and the water supply only from Arabissos (the second water carrier of Thessaloniki) was chosen as self-evident.

The interruption of the water supply until the complete restoration of the water quality characteristics at the exit of EENTH, apart from charging the company for the excessive operation of the facility, resulted in the suffering of the people of Thessaloniki, but it was the solution that was imposed (and is imposed in any similar cases) for the protection of public health, in accordance with the requirements of applicable European legislation and always in cooperation with the Directorate of Public Health of the Region.

It should be noted that, after the pollution incident of 2019 in Aliakmonas, additional special equipment has been installed that monitors in real time the water quality in the Aliakmonas Intake Canal, as well as at the entrance of EENTH, in order to have continuous monitoring and timely treatment of similar cases.

EYATH, in any case, would like to thank the Greek Police and the Department of Environmental Protection of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate for their cooperation and hopes that the investigation of this criminal act will work as a deterrent in the future.

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