EYATH water in the Municipality of Thermaikos

On Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020, a meeting was held at the Town Hall of Thermaikos between EYATH and the Municipality of Thermaikos.

The technical meeting was attended by EYATH CEO Anthimos Amanatidis and Sofia Amanatidou, member of the Board, and from the Municipality of Thermaikos, Mayor George Tsamaslis, General Secretary Konstantia-Anastasia Kasapis, Special Consultant Georgios Asimakopoulos and the chairman of DEYATH Giannis Vogiatzis.

Apart from further cooperation between DEYATH and EYATH in technical issues, it was also discussed the water supply of the Municipality of Thermaikos by EYATH. With the completion of the upcoming project of the Water Treatment Plant (EENTH) and the increase of the capacity of the daily supply, it will be possible to expand the water supply network with quality and safe water in areas wider of the urban complex. During the meeting, it was agreed that EYATH will provide the water supply of the Municipality of Thermaikos, an area that is asked to manage huge seasonal water supply needs due to tourism.

“The project of expanding EENTH will provide a solution to the major problem of water adequacy in cases of municipalities such as Thermaikos, which face increased service needs, especially during the summer months, with the increase of tourism. “The expansion of the EYATH network and the provision of water supply to areas wider of the Thessaloniki urban complex with quality, safe water, which meets European and national standards, is our commitment”, Mr. Amanatidis pointed out.

“We agreed today on the development of our actions in order to expand the network of EYATH and the connection of the Municipality of Thermaikos, for the prosperity, security and development of the place. “After all, water is the key to a sustainable future,” said Mr Tsamaslis.


The extension of their cooperation was decided by EYATH and the Municipality of Thermaikos

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