EYATH – RAJA cooperation for SE Europe

Joint ventures for the undertaking of projects in South-Eastern Europe, transfer of know-how, joint action and initiatives on energy and the climate crisis are provided  in the Memorandum of Cooperation signed today by EYATH with the Romanian water supply and sewerage company RAJA S.A., in the presence of the Deputy Minister of the Interior, responsible for Macedonia – Thrace S. Kalafati at the Governor’s Office.

The memorandum of cooperation foresees, among other things, the exchange of know-how and experience between the two companies in matters of water losses, energy saving, digitization and energy utilization of sludge, application of best practices in the fields of drinking water and urban wastewater, cooperation in research and development programs with extrovert orientation and joint undertaking of projects in South-Eastern Europe. During the signing of the memorandum, EYATH was represented by its president, Agis Papadopoulos, and the managing director, Anthimos Amanatidis, while RAJA S.A. was represented by its president, Constantin Chirila, and its general manager, Aurel Presura.

“The Macedonia-Thrace Sector of the Ministry of the Interior, with specific actions and initiatives, shapes Thessaloniki as a development pole for the wider region of SE Europe. It consistently implements a specific plan for building Thessaloniki of 2030. The creation of digital hubs and investments in the region of Macedonia and Thrace by big companies, but also others active in innovation and technology, the organization of conferences and events, such as the Balkan Forum, are the practical proofs. As practical proof is the signing of today’s memorandum and the start of cooperation between EYATH and the corresponding Romanian company, which marks a great opening in the Balkans. Partnerships like today’s, which is another brick on the construction of Thessaloniki in 2030, pave the way for common pursuits and build new strategies and prospects for collaboration in other countries of our region. For a modern Thessaloniki, with a dominant role in SE Europe, functional, extroverted and welcoming”, said the Deputy Minister of the Interior and supervisor of the EYATH, Stavros Kalafatis, after the signing of the memorandum.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of RAJA S.A., Constantin Chirila, noted that “In this ever-changing environment we need updated strategies, quick decisions, flexibility and adaptability. Through our collaboration with a company like EYATH, we seek to transform RAJA S.A. to a national and regional model of good practices for sustainable development, to improve our prospects for participation in medium and large high-tech projects, to give a stronger ‘presence’ in international markets”.

The general manager of RAJA S.A., Aurel Presura, stated that “EYATH is a peer company with remarkable management performance, which translates into a solid financial position and sustainable practices in water supply and sanitation. We agreed on a joint program of cooperation that includes, among other things, actions to strengthen our resilience against the climate, health and energy crisis, but also to shield us in the new geopolitical context shaped by the Russian-Ukrainian war. We are interested in development projects and joint ventures in the wider Balkan region.”

“In this period of serious disturbances that we are going through, the strategies of extroversion and collaborations are the ones that will create a development perspective, with social and economic terms of reciprocity. RAJA S.A. is a similar company, we share a numerically similar clientele, our areas of responsibility have common geomorphological characteristics, the challenges we face especially in terms of climate crisis and energy sufficiency are also common. This memorandum is the culmination of a systematic investigation of our common fields of action and maps our common ‘aggressive’ agenda in terms of joint ventures and partnerships in the water supply and sanitation sectors in SE Europe”, emphasized the president of EYATH, Agis Papadopoulos.

“Our collaboration with RAJA S.A. it is part of the company’s 2020-2026 strategic development plan, which, in addition to its other development goals, foresees the establishment of EYATH as an innovation and research body among similar water supply and sewerage companies, both nationally and internationally. I remind you that we already have cooperation with a Cypriot bank as technical advisors for loaned biological cleaning projects. We want to become a modern know-how boutique company in the SE Europe region”, pointed out the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis.

The member of the Board of Directors also participated in the Romanian mission. Serban Daniela, the director of the Legal Service Budes Maria, the director of the Quality and Environment Department Pana Angela, the financial director Moise Octavia and external partners.

RAJA S.A., based in Constanta, is the largest regional public body in the field of water supply and wastewater treatment and serves about 1 million inhabitants, while in the summer months the beneficiaries approach 2.5 million. It supplies water to 160 municipalities, has 9 drinking water treatment facilities, while it collects and processes municipal wastewater from 38 municipalities in 17 wastewater treatment facilities. It is a founding member of the Association of Romanian Water Supply Companies and a member of IWA. The proximity of the company to the Black Sea and the rich economic activity in the region give RAJA S.A. special developmental characteristics. Its management invests in the reduction of water losses in networks and facilities, in energy saving and digitization of its processes. It also seeks to improve its environmental performance and immediate adaptation to climate change (floods, droughts, extreme weather events).


From the left, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Romanian company C. Chirila, the general manager Au. Presura, the Deputy Minister of Interior S. Kalafatis, the managing director of EYATH Anthimos Amanatidis and its president Agis Papadopoulos.





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