EYATH on the 1st Forward Green

The “present” at the 1st Forward Green International Circular Economy Exhibition, organized last week in Thessaloniki, was given by EYATH with high-ranking executives.

In particular, the energy upgrade projects of the Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Sindos, were at the center of the discussion between the president of EYATH, Agi Papadopoulos, and the president of the Bulgarian Association of Water Supply Companies (BWA), Ivan Ivanov. At Pavilion 15, at the stand of Bulgaria, which was an honored country at Forward Green (FG Expo), the president of EYATH discussed with the president of BWA the good practices of EYATH for sustainable development, reducing energy costs and carbon footprint, in particular issues such as the exploitation of the produced sludge as a soil improver but also in the cement industry, while the two men also exchanged experiences on the general situation of the water companies in the two countries.

On the same day, Maria Petala, chemical engineer – member of the Board of Directors. of EYATH and responsible for ESG issues, participated in a fireside chat of the Superfund on the topic of “Sustainable investments in productive infrastructures”. Mrs. Petala presented the sustainable practices of EYATH, “which create added value to the environment, society and more broadly to economic activity”, as she said. “The main objective of the company is the continuous development and operation of modern resistant infrastructures, with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of water ecosystems, as well as the supply of the basic good, water, to consumers”, he pointed out, presenting a part of the “green” investment EYATH program that is ongoing. Mrs. Petala also participated in a panel of the Circular Economy Forum on “Wet waste”, in which she discussed EYATH’s innovative practices on the subject of liquid waste treatment with her interlocutors from Bulgaria. He also mentioned the projects to upgrade the infrastructure of the sewage treatment facilities, as well as the possibilities of reusing the effluent and utilizing the sludge.

In Forward Green, the honored country Bulgaria participated with 32 companies and with a dynamic presence in the panels of the Forum for the Circular Economy. In this first event, a total of 138 exhibitors were hosted, 107 direct from Greece, Germany, Bulgaria and Switzerland and 31 indirect from Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, China, Portugal and Finland.


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