EYATH near the fire victims

The amount of 150,000 euros was decided to be offered by the management of EYATH SA, as a minimum act of solidarity for the victims of the July 23rdfatal fires in Attica.


In its today’s meeting, expressing its regret over the loss of so many people and their support for their relatives, the EYATH Board of Directors decided to allocate this amount “by participating in the broad solidarity movement that has emerged from institutions and ordinary citizens, during that great disaster”. “Deeply humbled, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the victims and wish them speedy – as far as possible – healing of the wounds, social, ecological, financial, that this fire left behind”, the board of EYATH mentioned.


The money will be deposited in the Special Account opened by the Government at the Bank of Greece, “to finance any kind of action to help those affected by the fires in East and West Attica, the reconstruction and compensation of the destroyed houses and the rehabilitation of the affected areas and their infrastructures. ”



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