An urban vegetable garden, figs, cherries, acacia and a… spontaneous environmental education seminar for young Roma are the results of EYATH’s current “green” action at the new Lighthouse of the World’s protection center in Dendropotamos.


“Today EYATH has given a slogan: to make ‘Lighthouse Green’. A celebration that began a short time ago with the participation of the company in the construction of the new children’s home, donating to us the expansion of the water supply and sewerage network, was completed today with the planting of fruit and vegetable trees in the area. Every time we cut a fruit or pick a salad, we will remember our friends at EYATH, who are now part of the big family of ‘Lighthouse’, said the “soul” of the center, Father Athinagoras.


Deputy Minister for the Environment, Socrates Famellos, who explained to the children of  the “Lighthouse” what climate change means and in particular what it means to “change my life for the environment”, praised the initiative of the EHATH Board of Directors on a area with significant environmental needs ”. “A major project is now being implemented by EYATH that completes the drainage of all of Thessaloniki, including – after many years – the low western areas. These projects will immediately improve the environment in Dendropotamos, stopping untreated effluents. Last year EYATH also cleared the Dendropotamos ditch in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and the government’s choice to improve the state of the environment without hiding behind responsibilities ”, he added.


“World Environment Day has been combined this year with an account of the government’s work on the environment, but also with a commitment: we must all revolutionize our daily lives. While facing the great problems of climate change, the need for sustainable development and social cohesion, and for the children in Dendropotamus to find their role in life here too, wishes and global agreements are not enough, we need to change our own example.” , concluded Mr Famellos.


“In the context of World Environment Day, the company decided to reinforce Father Athinagora’s new “home”, a symbolic initiative for the need to step up efforts to upgrade the western areas of Thessaloniki in order to achieve a balanced development of all Town Planning. EYATH further supports this effort by taking the cost of connecting the new center for juvenile protection to water and sanitation networks. But most of all, after decades of oligarchy, our administration has begun completing the sewer project in the Dendropotamos area, so that this environmental wound will no longer bleed with the untreated sewage in the area! “, stressed the President and Managing Director Professor John N. Krestenitis.


“If we act with actions like this, which shows that even in our neighborhood, in our backyard, we can achieve important things, but also by exerting wider political and economic pressure, we can now save our planet,” noted the later. Minister of Justice – First Deputy of Thessaloniki of SYRIZA, Professor Nikos Paraskevopoulos AUTH, while Deputy Mayor of Technical Services of Ampelokipoi – Menemis, Vassilis Manolopoulos, emphasized the continued support of the municipality to the important work of father Athinagora.


The trees were donated by the Department of Forestry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, vegetables were provided by Vasilika Seedlings (N. Alexiou), while the American Agricultural School – Perrotis College donated olive trees, flowers, materials and … a lot of work

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