EYATH close to the flood victims

With technical means, first aid items and above all with the combat power of its crews, EYATH gives all these days its “presence” in the battle of the flood victims of Thessaly for the restoration of the damages caused by the bad weather Daniel.

A sewage crew has gone with a special pumping machine to Giannouli, Larissa, pumping water into the surrounding area of Public Housing. The crew is working day and night, with the water level having dropped by at least half a meter since the start of the effort. Also, sewage tanks have been transferred to the Municipality of Palamas, where in consultation with the municipal services they are cleaning roads, grates and cesspools in the surrounding villages.

EYATH also provided 72 containers of sodium hypochlorite solution for the disinfection needs of the waterways of DEYA Mouzaki, at the request of the Union of Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises (EDEA). Earlier, the company participated in the humanitarian aid mission organized by the Ministry of the Interior/Macedonia-Thrace Sector to the affected areas, sending water to the flood victims.

Solidarity – especially in matters related to water and the environment – is for EYATH a self-evident obligation to our fellow citizens, which of course precedes corporate social responsibility as a business practice.


Pictures from the operation of the suction pump in Giannouli


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