EYATH “cleans” Thermaikos gulf for a 3-month period

The surface cleaning of the Thermaikos gulf with floating anti-pollution means is undertaken for the next quarter by EYATH in the framework of corporate social responsibility, in order to give a temporary solution to the surface pollution phenomena of the gulf of the last days.

The works for the collection of floating objects and the treatment of possible pollution incidents will be performed four days a week by the special boat “Alkippi”, but also if necessary, during important events for Thessaloniki such as the TIF. The route of the anti-pollution means will be from the port of Thessaloniki to the Concert Hall and vice versa, but also from the port to Agia Triada or around the Delta Axios and the Delta Aliakmonas, if necessary.
“The seafront of the city, especially during the summer months, is a matter for all of us. Looking forward to a permanent solution after the intervention of the Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia-Thrace), S. Kalafatis, we temporarily undertake the surface cleaning for three months. “The care for Thermaikos is completely ‘compatible’ with our operation, as it runs through the operational daily life of all our facilities”, pointed out the CEO of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis.
The monthly reports on the progress of the works will be sent to the Management Body of Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas, in the framework of the planning for the operation of a data collection and processing center that will aim at the protection and sustainable development of Thermaikos and the environment of our area.



“Alkippi” will again undertake on behalf of EYATH the cleaning of the bay from floating objects, a phenomenon particularly intense in recent days in Thermaikos.

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