EYATH cleans Thermaikos again

The cleaning of the Thermaikos gulf from floating objects was once again undertaken by EYATH for the month of August, responding to the request of the Deputy Minister of the Interior and above all to the social need for our sea front to be clean for our fellow citizens and visitors in the middle of the tourist season.

Cleaning works are done 5 times a week for 6 hours. The special watercraft “Alkippi” sails from the port of Thessaloniki, at times when there are indications and information about a load of waste in the area, and moves along the beach front to the area of Megaros. In case of need, the vessel can carry out work up to Agia Triada and around the Deltas of Axios and Aliakmonas, while it is equipped with specially designed bins for quantities of waste over 15 m3. The final disposal of the collected waste is done according to its type, e.g. solid waste is sent for alternative management to approved bodies or waste oil is taken to approved alternative management systems for further utilization.

Our company has been a leader since 2010 in the actions of cleaning the bay from floating objects and any surface pollution phenomena, steadfast in its commitment to “return” added value to the local community, sustainable development of the urban environment in which it operates and support of all individual actions of the circular economy.

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