EYATH attended the 7th Forum of Delphi

The “mix” of energy savings and non-transmission of costs to the consumer was presented today by the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis, from the podium of the 7th Delphi Economic Forum.

Mr. Amanatidis, who participated in the section “Energy efficiency in water supply systems”, pointed out that, although energy costs are even higher than staff salaries in total operating costs (around 25%), “we will not change our pricing policy until 2023 “, balancing the costs with a series of energy-environmental projects and limiting non-billed water.

Specifically, as he said, “we replace tens of kilometers of network every year, especially in its older parts, and intensify checks for illegal water intake, while at the same time we proceed to replace damaged water meters, having already significantly reduced losses in the last two years.” The CEO of EYATH also referred to the work of completing the remote control system (SCADA) of the water supply network and the installation program of smart water meters, as well as a series of energy upgrade projects of EYATH facilities, with the ultimate goal, as he said, the company’s future own energy producer.

Regarding the adequacy of water resources in Thessaloniki, he stressed that “at the moment our company exceeds the daily needs for water, with the relevant index of security of supply reaching 99%.” “In fact, as we have requests for water supply from municipalities of the east and west of the urban area, we estimate that doubling the capacity of the Aliakmonas Water Treatment Plant will be a key project, in order to geographically expand our activity in the coming years,” he added while he reassured the public that the initiative for the establishment of a Water Institute, an expanded think tank for water in Greece, is underway.

The panel was attended by Petros Varelidis, General Secretary of Natural Environment and Water, the CEO of EYDAP, Haris Sachinis, and Alexandros Yfantis, CEO of “Sychem SA”. The panel was coordinated by journalist G. Karameros.


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