EYATH at the Thessaloniki Summit 2020

In the “panel of industrialists” of this year’s Thessaloniki Summit, with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment N. Papathanasis, participated the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.

The Undersecretary spoke about a new productive model, with strong industrial production, and proposed the European triptych in the field of industry: 1) digitization, 2) decarbonization 3) interconnection of markets and ensuring healthy competition.

Mr. Amanatidis, from the side of EYATH, presented the investment program of the company, its innovative actions and its planning for energy upgrade and strengthening of the circular economy. In this context, the pilot cooperation of EYATH with the Iraklis Group for the use of the dried sludge of EELTH as an alternative fuel in the cement industry in Agria of Volos was presented. D. Chanis, CEO of “Iraklis”, referred to the cooperation with EYATH as an example of investment in the context of the circular economy, “in the post-COVID era we will become more ‘green’ and digital”, as he said.

G. Mylonas, president of ALUMIL SA, insisted on the resilience and importance of the Greek industry, which emerged during the pandemic, as “as long as the distribution networks operate, the industry endures”, as he said. The President and CEO of the Hellenic Development Bank, A. Chatzipetrou, developed the role of the bank during the pandemic and the “lost turnover” programs, while D. Plessas of Lockheed Martin highlighted the great contribution of the defense industry to the financial growth, including through innovative ideas that apply to other sectors of the economy.

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