EYATH at the 6th Development Conference

The managing director of EYATH S.A. Anthimos Amanatidis, spoke about the development of EYATH in terms of environmental and sustainability terms today ,from the stage of the 6th Development Conference of ELINEKA, in the section “The post-development of Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia”.
“EYATH is committed to being an economically strong and extroverted organization that ensures the sustainability of the aquatic ecosystem, develops and operates durable and modern infrastructures. At the same time – through its operation and actions – it actively participates in the fight for the protection of the environment, the safety of consumers, especially the economically and socially vulnerable, and the uninterrupted supply of water”, pointed out Mr. Amanatidis, referring to the way EYATH perceives its own “post-development”, its evolution in a context of climate crisis, intense environmental needs and health insecurity.
Mr. Amanatidis presented the company’s sustainable development strategy, based on 3 pillars: Environment – Society – Corporate Governance. He recalled, in fact, that EYATH was only recently included in the ESG index of the Athens Stock Exchange, which constitutes, as he said, a clear “reward” for our dedication to environmental care, social solidarity and good administration, respect for the legislative framework and regulations, the constant pursuit of a safe working environment, without discrimination and prejudice”.