EYATH at the 5th Infrastructure Conference

The “keys” for the successful implementation of “smart” technologies in water supply networks of large cities such as Thessaloniki were presented, among others, by the Vice President of EYATH SA, Dr. Grigoris Penelis, from the podium of the 5th Conference on Infrastructure and Transport / ITC 2022, held in Athens.

In the section “How the water supply – sewerage infrastructure in Athens – Thessaloniki is evolving”, Mr. Penelis pointed out the importance of the water supply network for the implementation of technologies such as “smart water meters”, state-of-the-art technology for water supply around the world. “What we need, more than a smart meter, is a reliable hydraulic model. “In networks of cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki, which in places are 60-70 years old, what you know well and have mapped are the basic lines, for which you can build a reliable hydraulic model”, he noted. A smart grid must first of all reduce energy waste, there must be “economy” in water transport, “this does not come and go unnecessarily, increasing costs”, the correct location of new tanks and also the use of advanced SCADA systems, stressed the vice president of EYATH.

As he said, the tender documents of the project of “smart water meters” of EYATH will be out in September, their pilot implementation has preceded, while a memorandum of cooperation has been signed with HEDNO since last year, through which they will be collected and transported real-time data from the new, smart water meters in the water network.

Mr. Penelis also referred to the major infrastructure projects that are currently “running” in the company, the expansion of the Water Treatment Plant for the adequacy of refined water in the coming years, the energy and operational upgrade of the Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Plant, maintenance – strengthening of the Aravissos aqueduct, as well as in the important projects in large reservoirs to reduce water losses (only with Aravissos and the projects in the reservoirs the losses were reduced from 38% to 28%, according to Mr. Penelis).

Anastasios Tosios, Deputy CEO of EYDAP, also participated in the same panel. The discussion was moderated by the journalist E. Botas.

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