EYATH at the 2nd Balkan Forum

At the 2nd BALKAN FORUM with the general title “For entrepreneurship & innovation” spoke today the president of EYATH – Professor of Energy Systems at AUTh, Agis Papadopoulos.

Mr. Papadopoulos, from the podium of the section “Green Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy and Climate Change through innovative actions & financial tools in the perspective of the European Programs 2021-2027”, developed the complex relationship between energy and water and the crucial role of water companies.

“Ensuring the supply of water to urban complexes and agriculture, but also the treatment of wastewater are energy-intensive processes. It is estimated that around 2.6% of electricity consumption in the European Union is in these sectors, a figure that is expected to reach 4% by 2050. In addition, electricity production is a particularly water-intensive process, especially in carbon-fired power plants. “If we add to these two parameters the reduction of water resources, which in several European and Mediterranean countries in Africa and the Middle East is crucial, one realizes that the rational use and reuse of water must be a priority. “, pointed out the chairman of EYATH, referring to the new European Regulation on Water Reuse, which was passed in June 2020 and should be placed into force by June 2023. A regulation that, as he said, complements the provisions of the Action Plan for the Circular Economy, contributing to the direction of integrated environmental management.

But what are the goals of the water supply and sewerage companies and especially of EYATH? “Especially in this direction, EYATH SA implements an ambitious program to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% and to reduce its water footprint by 20%, while it is also active in research at international and national level “, said Mr. Papadopoulos, presenting his investment program company that focuses mainly on sustainable and energy projects, with the aim of improving the quality of life in the Thessaloniki Urban Complex.

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