ESG achievements at the Thessaloniki Summit

EYATH’s achievements for sustainable development and sustainability, as recorded in the company’s 3rd consecutive Sustainability Report that was recently made public, were presented by its CEO, Anthimos Amanatidis, from the stage of the “Thessaloniki Summit 2023” and in the context of the module “ESG and Climate Crisis”.

“This third report of ours, which we are very proud to present, reflects the overall effort of EYATH to improve sustainability indicators, better address the challenges of the new era and strengthen efforts towards operational sustainability. It has a number of elements that highlight the emphasis we place on reducing our water and energy footprint, but also on the application of the principles of corporate governance. A corporate governance that concerns both the human resources of our company, as well as our customers, suppliers and social bodies”, pointed out Mr. Amanatidis.

As operational achievements in the field of the environment, the managing director of EYATH highlighted the “reduction of energy consumption by 9.15% in the last two years, surpassing the 8% target that was set in 2020, the reduction of non-invoiced water by 4.5%, in relation to 2019, the commissioning in November 2022 of the 2.5 MW Cogeneration Power/Heat plant from biogas, which is expected to lead to energy savings of 20%-30%, and even the reduction in the total emissions of 2022 by 39.83% compared to the previous year”.

On the basis of these achievements, concluded Mr. Amanatidis, EYATH participates for the second year in a row in the ATEX ESG index of the Athens Stock Exchange, which includes the Greek companies with the best performances in sustainable development.

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