Key-project for the water supply security

To the restoration of a tank with a capacity of 20,000 sq.m. in Evosmos, a key installation for the water supply of western Thessaloniki in case of failure, proceeds the management of EYATH by signing yesterday a contract for the elaboration of a specialized study of geotechnical and static restoration.

It concerns the two-room tank D5 above the ring road in the Municipality of Evosmos, the construction of which began in 1992, when its first, western chamber was constructed. In 2001, the second, eastern chamber was built, which practically never functioned due to the large subsidence and cracks that developed, thus decommissioning a project critical for the security of water supply of the western areas of the Thessaloniki Urban Complex.

“This tank is a very important link for the security of water supply of Western Thessaloniki, as it can store 20,000 sq.m. water, a quantity sufficient to cover at least 48 hours of the western areas of the Urban Planning, with water transfer without pumping systems, occurred by gravity only. It is crucial to restore the second chamber of the tank and put it into operation, as this is a 2000 investment of EYATH of the amount of 3,000,000 € in current numbers, which was never utilized due to an initial failure “, pointed out EYATH CEO, Anthimos Amanatidis. “Along with the major projects, such as the completion of the sewer in the low western areas of Thessaloniki at the K16 junction, we are proceeding to other, smaller interventions in our networks, which will significantly improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens, especially in Western Thessaloniki.”, he added.

The Vice President of the Board of EYATH, civil engineer Dr. Grigoris Penelis, stressed that “the eastern reservoir has suffered subsidence of about 40 cm in its northeastern part, while the used western reservoir also has problems. The landslides are, most likely, due to the poor construction of the embankment but also, the failure of the perimeter retaining wall at the boundaries of the plot. It is very important that two of the most specialized companies in the field have taken over the responsibility of preparing a restoration study, which will start immediately with the conduct of geotechnical surveys inside the eastern chamber “.

The contract for the study of the geotechnical and static restoration of the tank was signed yesterday by the companies GEOGNOSI SA and RC-DC.


Photos from the autopsy on the tank and the signing of the contract, with Mr. A. Amanatidis (left) – Gr. Peneli (right) and EYATH executives.

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