Equal access to water – sanitation system

Yesterday, the managing director of the company, Anthimos Amanatidis, spoke about EYATH’s position in the “Development and new infrastructures” dipole, from the stage of the 7th Development Conference of ELINEKA.

“At EYATH, we “see” public utility services and the vital services they provide as a key element of what we call the “infrastructure” of a country. The well-known triptych “light, water, telephone” is a building block for a functional society with happy people. Especially as regard to “water”, the bet is now, through the ERA, to create a functional, modern managing system with a national strategy for the protection and management of our surface and underground waters. To ensure conditions of equal access, security of supply and sufficiency of water. We want more and better water for the citizens”, Mr. Amanatidis pointed out during his speech.

Emphasizing the administration’s commitment to reducing the operating costs of the facilities, especially the energy costs, Mr. Amanatidis announced that “on February 16, Friday, we are celebrating the opening of our central administration building at Egnatia 127, which is a “green” building with almost zero energy consumption”.

As he said, EYATH is currently implementing an investment plan with projects in progress amounting to 80 million, projects of approximately 70 million euros are in the formative stage and projects of another 50 million euros are in the planning phase. “The company’s water supply “safety net” reaches almost 99% and over 98% of faults are repaired on the same day. In recent years, non-invoiced water has decreased, from 32% to 27%, while today consumers can carry out almost all of their transactions without coming to the EYATH store. In the social field, EYATH has included 43,000 consumers in its social household tariff”, noted Mr. Amanatidis.

“Equal access to water and sanitation services, with the integration of vulnerable groups, contributes to the removal of inequalities, to the strengthening of trust between citizens. This is our job, this is EYATH’s contribution to the development of the society of Thessaloniki”, he concluded.

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