Energy facelift in “Aineia”

The new five-year contract signed at the EYATH headquarters in Tsimiski St. includes energy saving and environmental upgrading of the “Aineia” Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP) in Michaniona.

The new contract, amounting to 6.5 million euros, foresees, in addition to the basic operation and maintenance services of the facility in the tourist areas of Thessaloniki, the implementation of a series of upgrading and energy optimization interventions. Specifically, it is planned to install systems for the surveillance of wastewater at the entrance and exit of the facility, the monitoring of nitrogen in the biological tanks, the upgrading of the remote control and remote monitoring of the unit, as well as the further automation of the sewage pumping stations. An energy management system will also be installed to optimize the energy footprint of EEL and its pumping stations, as well as the installation of a photovoltaic unit, which will ensure a reduction in power consumption and energy autonomy. Furthermore, the collection, transport and utilization – final disposal of the dewatered sludge and treatment by-products in licensed receivers, always in the logic of the circular economy, are foreseen.

With these interventions, the optimal automated control of all processes (input – processing – output) will be achieved, while with the energy management and maintenance programs there will be continuous supervision of consumption and the daily operation of the equipment. The ultimate goal is, of course, the saving of energy resources and the reduction of EEL’s carbon footprint.

“With this contract, we further advance our planning for sustainable development and ‘green’ transition. We measure our impact on the environment, assess potential risks, control our emissions, reduce our energy costs and reuse our waste wherever possible. After the upgrade of EELTH in Sindos, the upgrade of “Aineia” is absolutely part of this sustainable, competitive and technologically developed corporate ecosystem that we have been building in the last few years”, pointed out the managing director of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.

The Sewage Treatment Plant of the tourist areas treats approximately 27,000 m3 of mainly urban sewage every day. In the context of sustainable development, the sludge produced at the facility is used as raw material for the production of soil conditioner for crops. With the new contract, it is expected to optimize the operation of the unit and reduce its costs beyond five years, improving the long-term environmental footprint of EYATH’s facilities in the tourist areas of Thessaloniki as a whole.

The company, consistently monitoring the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European “Green Deal” and national climate change strategies, consistently supports the “green” and digital transition with its investments.



The Wastewater Treatment Plant in the tourist areas treats approximately 27,000 m3 of mainly municipal sewage and sewage every day.


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The managing director of EYATH during the signing of the contract with Ioannis Margiolos, vice-president and managing director of “Helector S.A”, member of the Board of Directors. of “Aktor S.A.”


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From the left, Mr. Margiolos, Sofia Ammanatidou, member of the Board of Directors of EYATH, and A. Amanatidis, managing director of EYATH S.A.

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