EENTH: two new tanks for water adequacy

The construction of two new reservoirs at the Sindos Water Treatment Plant (EENTH) is entering the final stage, with the signing of a contract for the preparation of a final study of the project that could provide water for an additional population of 400,000 inhabitants per day.

The object of the study is the design and dimensioning of the tanks and important accompanying projects in EENTH, which will contribute: 1. to the better management of the incoming surface water from Aliakmonas river, 2. to the increase of the daily storage capacity of the installation and therefore 3. in the adequacy of water for the Urban Complex in cases of emergency.

Specifically, it is a tank at the entrance of the facility for untreated water, with a capacity of 5,500 m3 (equal to the existing one), and another tank, this time treated water, at the exit of the facility with a capacity of 80,000 m3 (equal to the existing one). In addition to the projects that accompany the two reservoirs (projects for connection to the existing infrastructure and provision for connection to future units), the study also concerns the design of an additional reservoir and lime saturation reservoir (water treatment stage), which will have corresponding capacity (160 m3) with the existing one and will operate additionally in case of maintenance or repair of the first one.

These projects are part of the broader strategic development plan 2020 -2026 of EYATH, which concerns a holistic investment program of 174 million euros. This program is implemented with consistency and discipline and includes, among others, projects for the upgrade and expansion of water supply systems, the provision of new quantities of clean drinking water, always focusing on the sustainability of water resources and the positive environmental footprint.

The study was signed at the offices of EYATH by the CEO of EYATH SA Anthimos Amanatidis and from the side of CONCEPT A.E. – ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS the CEO of Paris Daskaloudis. The duration for the completion of the design project is approximately 8 months.

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