E-transfers from today

Starting today, consumers can submit their applications for water transfer rights electronically, a transaction which during last month is the largest part of cases carried out at the offices of EYATH in Aggelaki St., alongside with the debt settlements.

Transfers of water rights (ie account changes), which have risen sharply recently due to the conversion of short-term leases (Airbnb) into long-term leases due to the pandemic, can now be done on the EYATH website (https://www.eyath.gr/water-utility-transfer-application/?lang=en). This way you will avoid waiting in the company’s stores, which due to the health measures is long, while the new beneficiary will be able to receive his account electronically.

Consumers can also submit an online application through the EYATH website for: return of guarantee, professional or industrial invoice, account notices, replacement of water meter and registration of water meter reading. There are also forms for updating waterproof card details and, of course for any contact with the company.

It is recalled that the payment of EYATH accounts, which is also a large volume of transactions at Angelaki’s offices, can be done on the company’s website (at no extra charge), by e-banking or regular bank order. Bills are also paid at more than 500 points throughout Thessaloniki, apart from ATM banks, at the following places:

  • In all the stores of “DIAMANTIS MASOUTIS SA” in cash, at no extra charge (up to one month after expiration).
  • In the shops and offices of ELTA-Hellenic Post office (up to one month after the expiration).
  • In all OPAP stores.

To submit questions or record requests, consumers can also call 2310 966600 (11124 only for damage declaration).