Donation of medical equipment to ACHEPA HOSPITAL(ΑΧΕΠΑ)

EYATH SA donates “front line” medical equipment for the treatment of Covid-19 at the Clinic of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the University General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPA, a reference hospital for the treatment of coronary heart disease.

Specifically, EYATH will supply the clinic with a video laryngoscopy system, which is specialized anesthesia equipment, necessary for the intubation of patients with Covid-19, as it gives the staff the possibility of safe remote intubation. As it is known, in the Clinic of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of  ACHEPA belong the two ICUs in which the seriously ill patients, positive for the virus, are treated.

The purchase of a video laryngoscope for ACHEPA, a critical reference hospital for Covid-19 in our city, is the first of its kind, targeted actions that EYATH intends to proceed with, assisting the state effort to ensure public health and with the company’s absolute awareness of social responsibility. At the same time, as decided by the company’s Board of Directors, the additional – in addition to the usual average – water consumed during this period will not be charged for the hospitals involved, while other financial relief will follow. Financial relief is also planned for consumers as well: payment extensions have already been issued and no water breaks are being applied.

“The human, social dimension of the pandemic has been perceived by all of us. However, its economic dimension is very difficult to predict, as well as the end of the pandemic. It is, therefore, a firm intention of our company to alleviate the consequences of this new crisis on our part, to strengthen those who are in need and need us, always with targeted actions that safeguard the public interest “, pointed out the president of EYATH. Professor Agis M. Papadopoulos.

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