Defibrillators and first aid courses

EYATH proceeded with the supply and placement of defibrillators in the company’s critical facilities, in combination with the training of employees to provide first aid to third parties.

In particular, the company procured 8 automatic external defibrillators, which have already been placed in the same number of facilities with a large number of employees and traders and are fully functional and available: in the administration building at Tsimiski 91 St. (ground floor), in the office building at Tsimiski 98 St. , in the two stores of customer service in Angelaki St. and on 26 October St. , at the water supply crews of Sphagia, at the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant in Sindos, at the Sewerage Control Center at Nea Paralia (old “Interni”, now “Avenue”) and at the sewage crews of Pylaia (Nearcho 13 St.). These are portable battery defibrillators, compatible with the relevant European directives, with voice/visual instructions for use and with electrocardiogram analysis, which are addressed to potential users without relevant training.

At the same time, staff training has already begun to provide first aid to fellow employees, partners and customers. The seminars have international certification and are implemented by the Greek Rescue Team. So far, 150 EYATH employees have been trained and dozens more will follow in the coming months.

“We are interested in making a tangible contribution to the further improvement of the health and safety level of our employees. We recognize and assess occupational risks, take measures to limit them and draw up preventive action programs. It is no accident that we have no accidents at work. This includes the supply of defibrillators in combination with first aid seminars for employees. We hope it will be unnecessary not only for the staff, but also for our partners and consumers who visit our stores”, pointed out the managing director of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis.

EYATH implements responsible human resources management practices and ensures the formation of a modern health and safety working environment for all. Monitors and controls risks, takes preventive measures against accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace, in accordance with the instructions of the safety technician and the occupational doctor and always within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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