Quality Control MethodologyControl & Quality of Water


Our labs carry out tests to ensure that the water reaching consumers’ taps is of excellent quality, clean, hygienic and complies with the relevant sanitary requirements.

Our staff take scheduled and unscheduled samples using the labs’ own equipment. Sampling is done daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and checks include the water supply pump stations, the water abstraction sites, and the distribution network. We attach particular importance to schools and hospitals given the special features of those populations and that’s why we include samples and sanitary checks in our daily schedule.

We also carry out daily on-site checks and measurements of residual chlorine across the entire distribution network to its end points.

The following number of samples were taken in 2018:


No. Type of water sample No. of samples
1. Water distribution network 1637
2. Pump stations, tanks, pipes 1164
3. Boreholes 133
4. Water Treatment Plant 8365


EYATH S.A.’s quality control labs confirm each and every day that the city’s drinking water has outstanding physico-chemical characteristics. It has an excellent taste, is odourless and clear. It contains dissolved natural salts and trace elements, giving it flavour and making it beneficial for the human body. It is hygienic and safe from a microbiological viewpoint.


As it follows the hydrological cycle (soil, sea, air), water is enriched with various compounds. The permissible quantity of these compounds is determined by the legislation. The legislation currently in force in Greece is Joint Ministerial Decision No. Γ1(δ)/ΓΠ οικ. 67322/Government Gazette B 3282/19.09.2017, in compliance with Directive 98/83/EC on the “quality of water intended for human consumption”, as amended. This legislation sets the maximum permissible limits for 50 parameters and determines the minimum monitoring frequency depending on the population being supplied with water.

The basic legislative provisions governing the quality characteristics of drinking water are the following:

  • Joint Ministerial Decision No. Γ1(δ)/ΓΠ οικ. 67322/Government Gazette B 3282/19.09.2017 in compliance with Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption, as amended,
  • Council Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption,
  • Order No. Υ.Μ 5673/58 on the disinfection of water supply,
  • Ministerial Decision No. οικ. 46399/1352/1986 – Required quality of surface water intended for: “drinking”, “swimming”, “supporting freshwater fish life” and “shellfish farming and fishing”, measurement methods, sampling and analysis frequency of surface water intended for drinking, in compliance with the Directives of the European Council and European Communities under numbers 75/440/EEC, 76/160/EEC, 78/659/EEC, 79/293/EEC and 79/869/EEC and
  • Decision No. ΔΥΓ2/19028 on asbestos pipes in the water supply network.

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