Competition for “green” innovation from EYATH

Guided by the circular economy and sustainable development, EYATH organizes an original competition for innovation and entrepreneurship, with the subject of capturing and treating pollutants in wastewater entering biological treatment and then recovering valuable materials from it.

The competition, which also provides cash prizes, is organized in collaboration with the Innovation Network of the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company (EESYP) and the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece (MITEF). It is addressed to start-up companies, research centers, technology companies and scientific teams that can propose innovative technologies for the capture and individual treatment of pollutant loads in the incoming wastewater of the Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Plant (EELTH). Specifically, the purpose of the competition is:

a) The development and application of technologies for the partial removal of the load of nitrogen (N) and / or phosphorus (P) contained in the stream of the drains of EELTH (from various stages of sludge treatment) before its recirculation at the entrance of the plant. A secondary goal will be possible proposed practices for the recovery of N and P for the production of useful materials.

b) The development and application of technologies for the partial removal of the organic load contained in the untreated wastewater entering the EELTH. The aim is to reduce the organic load either at the stage of pre-treatment of EELTH or at the stage of primary sedimentation. A secondary goal will be the possibility of energy utilization of the organic load within the EELTH.

“The European ‘Green Agreement’ on the environment and the new Circular Economy Strategy are shaping a new, stricter environmental framework within the EU. EYATH, responding to this challenge as well as to the ‘open’ challenge of climate change, announces this innovation competition for cleaner wastewater at the entrance of EELTH and, consequently, to a cleaner Thermaikos. We look forward to a lively mobilization of scientific teams and start-ups, to smart, innovative solutions and especially to the consolidation of the agenda of the circular economy in our country “, pointed out for the announcement of the competition the president of EYATH and member of the Innovation Network of EYPAS

The evaluation of the proposals will take into account the parallel possibility of renewable energy production and / or the low energy footprint of the proposed solutions and, in general, the low environmental footprint of the EEL (reduction of pollutant emissions in the treated effluents, into the atmosphere).

Those interested on the matter, can find the description and terms of the competition here:

EYATH InnoChallenge



Photo from the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Thessaloniki (EELTH), in Sindos

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