Collaboration of EYATH – ETVA for INDUSTRY-TH

The “green light” for the gradual transfer of the operation of the water supply and sewerage infrastructure of the Industrial Area of ​​Thessaloniki from EYATH to ETVA was given with the recent signing of a confidentiality agreement for the exchange of data between the two sides.

The agreement was signed at the offices of EYATH by the CEO of EYATH SA Anthimos Amanatidis and, from the side of ETVA INDUSTRIAL SITE, the managing director of Athanasios Psathas.

The signing of the confidentiality agreement is the first step of the collaboration between the two bodies, in order to become the property of ETVA INDUSTRIAL SITE, the whole operation of the infrastructure of the industrial area-TH. In any case, the two bodies will cooperate towards the common goal of strengthening entrepreneurship and providing quality services to companies in the industrial sector.

The Industrial Area of ​​Thessaloniki is the largest Organized Receiver of Manufacturing and Business Activities (UMED) in Greece, with plenitude of 96%, as there is a large number of small, medium-sized and large enterprises (about 800).



From the left, Ath. Psathas of ETVA VIPE and A. Amanatidis

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