Clean drains from grease, clean environment

With the quote “Sewage with fats? No, thank you!”, with strainers for the sinks and practical advice for our disposal in the sewers, EYATH today celebrated World Environment Day, which is celebrated internationally on June 5. It was preceded, yesterday, by an online briefing for everyone interested by the company’s special scientific staff.

The passers-by in Aristotelous Square and on the pedestrian street of Agia Sophia listened to the people of EYATH explaining to them how, with simple and practical actions, we can protect the environment, while saving the time and costs required by possible blockages and floods in our private sewer networks. They received informational material with instructions on what not to put down our drains (cooking fats, oils, solid food waste) and got strainers for the sinks, eco notebooks and pencils with seeds to plant.

“EYATH deals with approximately 1,000 cases of blockages every year. Most are caused by waste that should not normally go down the drain, such as cooking fats and oils or solid food waste. The result is that man-hours and high costs are spent on blockages, our network is degraded and sometimes overflows are caused”, points out the managing director of EYATH, Anthimos Amanatidis. “The same problems are caused by reckless disposal in domestic kitchens and catering businesses, with the corresponding cost- both financial and operational. Especially for restaurateurs, the correct disposal of their waste is a legal obligation, which at the same time guarantees them a 30% discount on sewage costs from EYATH! So we are careful what we pour into our kitchen sinks, we protect the environment, our place and its development, public health”, adds Mr. Amanatidis.

EYATH’s sewage network protection consultant Apostolos Danas emphasizes that “fats and oils discharged into the sewage network are a major environmental and management problem that concerns us all, with negative effects on both sewage networks, pumping stations, and their treatment facilities. It is an international problem, the solution of which lies in prevention. We stop the problem at the source. Countries abroad, such as Britain, are already implementing programs based on the principle of the circular economy (capture-store-recycle)”.

In his presentation yesterday, during the online briefing of the public, Mr. Danas pointed out that “EYATH S.A., innovating for the national data, has designed and implements the sewerage network protection program “Sewage with fats? No, thank you! “, investing in the prevention and sustainability of the environment, the urban fabric, tourism and healthy entrepreneurship”. “The benefits are multiple and with recipients us all. We change habits, we keep the drainage clean!”, he concluded. In the webinar, there was a detailed presentation of the EYATH program, the benefit for the public and restaurant entrepreneurs, questions were resolved and it became clear that the way we manage our sewage has an impact on the environment, our place and public health.


From the left, EYATH associate E. Kaplani, the managing director A. Amanatidis, the general director N. Theodoridou, the consultant of EYATH in matters of drainage X. Traganos and the consultant of protection of the sewage network of EYATH A. Danas


At two stands, in Aristotelous Square and the pedestrian street of Agia Sophia, the people of Thessaloniki were informed about the issue of waste in our sewerage system.

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