At EYATH, the Prime Minister’s Office director

The Director of the Prime Minister’s Office in Macedonia, Michalis Bekiris, was welcomed yesterday at the renovated offices of EYATH, in Egnatia St., by the company’s management.

Mr. Bekiris, who was accompanied by Yiannis Papageorgiou, coordinator of the office, was given a tour of the company’s new bioclimatic building and was informed about the development of EYATH’s investment program, with the highlight being the expansion of the company’s area of responsibility to neighboring municipalities and the consequent increase of its turnover by 40% from 2026. The company’s management also informed him about the goals of reducing EYATH’s carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, with a realistic expectation of achieving the goal in 2026, as well as the reduction of water footprint by 20% by 2030.

Mr. Bekiris showed particular interest in the prospect of the expansion of EYATH’s activities in the regional unit of Thessaloniki and outside the Urban Planning Complex and asked to visit the ongoing expansion projects of the Water Treatment Facility in Sindos, projects that will give EYATH exactly this possibility of gaining responsibility in new areas, doubling the available amounts of water. Also, Mr. Bekiris was particularly concerned with the issue of completing the connection of the low-lying areas of the Thessaloniki Urban Development Complex with the Central Sewerage Pipe, a breath-taking project, which after about 30 years will ensure the… self-evident, that is to say, that all the sewage ends at the Thessaloniki Sewage Treatment Plant. Special mention was also made about the energy and environmental upgrading project of the company’s wastewater treatment facilities.

There were also discussed the issues of water resources management in the wider area of the Town Planning, as well as the problems related to climate change – and at a strategic level and in particular in the wider area of Thessaloniki -, with an emphasis on dealing with flooding phenomena. “The best way to respond to the challenges of the new era is to intensify our efforts in the direction of business sustainability, by further improving the performance of facilities, increasing the resilience of our infrastructure and more rational use of energy resources. These priorities are at the same time the pillars of a sustainable and stable development of EYATH”, pointed out the company’s president Agis Papadopoulos.

EYATH’s dedication to ESG values and its firm goal “to integrate the dimensions of social, environmental and economic sustainability in every aspect of its operation” was pointed out by the company’s managing director, Anthimos Amanatidis. “In this context, we are promoting initiatives for the circular economy, environmental protection and transparency in corporate governance”, added Mr. Amanatidis.

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