Aravissos AqueductOur Water Sources

The Aravissos aqueduct consists of the following sections

  • Water abstraction zones near the Aravissos Springs
  • The transmission pipeline
  • Boreholes in Nea Halkidona and Gefira
  • The Dendropotamos pump station

EYATH S.A. uses the Karst system of aquifers in the Paiko Mountain, specifically its point of discharge at the Aravissos springs (in the Prefecture of Pella) to supply water to Thessaloniki. The quantity of water obtained from the Aravissos springs ranges from 70,000 to 130,000 m3 a day, depending to a large degree on snowfall and rainfall recorded every year.

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The Aravissos springs water abstraction facilities consist of:

  • 2 supply shafts operating under natural flow
  • 1 supply shaft operating with a pump
  • 15 boreholes

Water reserves at the Aravissos springs are utilised so that there is always water in reserve, and in extraordinary cases water is pumped from a limited number of boreholes. That ensures they are managed in a sustainable, ecologically friendly manner, while also preserving the ecological flow of water in the streams downstream from the Platanos springs.

Water from the Aravissos springs is transported using gravity to the Dendropotamos pump station via a sealed pipeline some 56 km long. Water is chlorinated and decontaminated at that pump station. From there it is primarily used to supply water to the central and eastern parts of Thessaloniki as well as areas in the western section. The Aravissos aqueduct also collects water from boreholes in the Nea Halkidona and Gefira areas.