The application is submitted to EYATH SA. Tsimiski St.98 (1st floor), at the Department of Issuance of Sewerage Connection Permits or through the electronic form below, with the following supporting documents:

  1. Police ID or Passport and proof from TAXISNET for VAT, Tax Office or Solemn Declaration from in which the mentioned data appear.
  2. Recent printing of personalized information – Company Registration Information & Legal Entity Registration Information, from Taxisnet showing the address, VAT number, Tax Office, form and activity of the business, its representation and any branches (showing the date of the printing) or a certificate of commencement of activity of the company from the competent Tax Office issued in the last quarter and a GEMI Certificate in the last quarter showing the current representation of the company.
  3. Practical Board on representation (only for SA).

As well as the following :

  1. Traffic licenses for tanks and vehicles.
  2. License to practice and / or alternatively, commencement of profession from the tax office.
  3. Driver’s diplomas.

Our Company can contact you at the relevant contact details you have stated. You can contact us at

The recognition of the label pass by the access control system in the two facilities of EYATH SA will be done the next working day after the signing of your contract, at which time you will be sent an informative email about your account on the respective platform for reviewing your transits.
As for the prepayment for the passing of your tankers, it will be recognized within two working days from its payment.

    Application for a Tanker Driver Registration

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