Anthimos Amanatidis, new CEO of EYATH

Anthimos Amanatidis, a mechanical engineer, was elected new CEO of EYATH SA. in today’s Extraordinary General Meeting, following a proposal by the main shareholder, the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company (EESYP).

Also, apart from A. Amanatidis in the position of managing director (executive member), new members of the Board of Directors, replacing G. Papaioannou, P. Gogou, O. Latsiou-Chrysafi and S. Tanimanidou, were appointed: George Satlas (non-executive member), Mechanical Engineer specializing in finance, Maria Petala (independent non-executive member), chemical engineer AUTh specializing in chemical and environmental technology, Sofia Ammanatidou (independent non-executive member), economist with studies in Business Administration Management and Information Systems Management, and Catherine Tsikaloudaki (non executive member), a civil engineer specializing in bioclimatic design of buildings and open spaces. Sofia Ammanatidou and Maria Petala were appointed as new members of the Audit Committee, together with the current member Nikolaos Kleitou.

Anthimos Amanatidis is a graduate mechanical engineer of AUTh, with postgraduate degrees in Sustainable Development and Energy Production and Management. He has many years of professional experience, combining administrative experience with specialized knowledge in technical projects, as well as in matters related to resource management, environmental assessment and sustainable development, with an emphasis on infrastructure. He has extensive technical experience and expertise in matters of quality assurance, ISO engineering and quality of materials and construction of projects. Since 2010 he has been an executive of ERGOSE SA, responsible for the tender notices of projects, but also for the supervision of the construction (Construction Management) of large infrastructure projects & E / M installations. In 2008 he was a Consultant of ETAD SA in tenders for projects, tenders for the concession and operation of its branches in the geographical area of ​​Northern Greece. Previously, he was an Adviser to the Region of Central Macedonia on Environmental Rehabilitation. He is the vice president of the Thessaloniki-Thessaly Gas Distribution Company (EDA THESS), as a representative of DEPA, participating in the design of the company’s development program for the period 2019-2024.

The new Board of Directors will be set up on Tuesday 5th May 2020.

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