Annual Briefing of the Financial Results of 2017 to Analysts

The presentation of EYATH SA to analysts was held at the Hellenic Central Securities Depository SA (formerly Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Center) at 16-18, Katouni Street on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The strategic and business plan of the company for the years 2018-2024, performance indicators, financial ratios and key financial highlights were presented by the President of Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Ioannis N. Krestenitis, and the Finance Director of EYATH Dimitris Alexandris.
The presentation outlined the priorities of EYATH, € 177 million investment plan of 2018-2024, which, apart from the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Facility (EENTH) and the maintenance of the Aravissos aqueduct, included the telematics installation for the entire water supply-sewerage network, new equipment in the chemical laboratory for the water quality testing so as to ensure the best quality of the water supplied and the gradual replacement of pipes and hydrometers.
EYATH’s financial executives pointed out that the company remains stable and healthy, preserving its profitability in recent years, while in fy2017 it achieved an increase of its net profits by approximately € 4 million, which corresponds to an increase of 32% and an EBITDA increase of 11.4%.
In 2017, the group’s consolidated turnover remained almost constant, reaching € 73.4 million compared to € 73.3 million in the previous year (an increase of 0.17%). Gross profits amounted to € 30.14 million compared to € 29.50 million in 2016 (increase of 2.2%), and pre-tax profits reached € 24.9 million compared to € 21.77 million in the previous year (14.52% increase). Administration expenses decreased by 9.47% while other operating expenses decreased by 69% due to the efforts to rationalize the cost and the increased provisions posted the previous year. The company has a strong cash base of € 65.2 million, increased by 15%.
Concerning the significant events of the year, the increase of the company’s staff with recruitment through ASEP of 150 employees was noted, which will allow EYATH to cover organizational gaps and expand its activities.
Consistent to its shareholders, EYATH SA proposed a dividend of € 0.221 per share, which is under the approval of the general meeting.
The investing public is informed that the presentation of the Company is posted on the web site of EYATH SA. ( in the “Investor Information” section.

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