Annual Analysts’s Presentation 2012

On Tuesday the 5th of 2012, in the Thessaloniki Stock Centre, 16-18 Katouni Street, the Annual Analyst Presentation of EYATH SA took place. During the presentation all the operational issues were presented, the efficiency ratios, the financial ratios and the main financial figures, by the Company CEO Nikolaos Papadakis and the Company President Konstantinos Kamakas. The financial results were presented analytically by the financial advisor of EYATH SA Mr Konstantinos Zisis, specifically:
The turnover of the public listed company increased by 5.93% at €75.4 mil. from €71.18 mil. in the previous year. Gross profit reached €32,524 th. from €26,304 th., an increase of €6,220 th. or 23.64%. The great difference observed, is due to the last fiscal years’ tax effect concerning the 5 year period 2004-2008, after the tax audit, but also due to the extraordinary levy imposed. The turnover increase by 5.93% is due to the tariffs adjustment for water and sewerage on the 2012 tariffs level according to the No. 11741/2006 ministerial decision, although there was an annual decrease in water consumption by an average of 2.5 sq.m. and the zero increase of connections with the water and sewerage networks, due to the existing financial crisis.
EBITDA reached the amount of €28,792 th. from €24,830 th., an increase of €3,962 th. or 16%. Earnings per share reached €0.5674 from €0.3417. Cash reached the amount of €23,159 th. from €14,364 th. which is an increase of €8,795 th. or 61,22%. Group’s net position reached €124,653 th. from €108,196 th., which is an increase of €16,457 th. or 15.21%, due to the profitability of this fiscal period.
The Company’s growth trajectory keeps on during the 1st quarter of 2012, during which there is an increase of profits after tax by 12.79%, with a parallel decrease of operating expenses (by 10%). Specifically, according to the interim financial statements for the 1st quarter of this fiscal year, the turnover for the company EYATH SA reached the amount of €19.2 mil. from €19.5 mil. in the respective previous fiscal year, noting on increase of 1.63%. The cost of sales decreased at €10.4 mil. from €10.6 mil. (decrease of 2.24%). Earnings before tax reached the amount of €7.88 mil. from €7.28 mil. in the previous fiscal year, increased by 8.24%, earnings after tax reached €6.2  mil. from €5.5 mil. the respective quarter last fiscal year, noting an increase of 12.79%.
The company’s business plan for the next years includes the modernization of infrastructure and the technological upgrade, as well as the expansion of the operations in Northern Greece and the Balkan Area.  Towards this direction, EYATH SA cooperates with EYDAP, the Association of Water/Sewerage Public Companies, the Local Governmental Offices and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Portuguese State Company Aguas de Portugal, S.G.P.S., S.A.
At the same time, also programmed were the upgrade of the Sewerage Treatment Plant in cooperation with ETVA (the managerial body for the Sindos Industrial Area), the electronic monitoring of the water and sewerage networks, the gradual replacement of water meters in order to secure the precise record consumption, the partial development of the old networks in order to minimise the losses and the water cuts, as well as the development of the sewerage network with the installation of optical fibres for the provision of electronic services.
After the management’s proposals, important infrastructure projects were included in the ESPA framework and these are: the construction of the 2nd branch of the main sewerage pipe of the city (total budget of €36.2 mil.) and the extension of the refinery (total budget of €22.8 mil.). Also, there were constructed and delivered projects on the sewerage biological treatment, such as the dried sludge and other projects total expense of €17.5 mil., whereas in the construction stage are projects total budget of €4.8 mil. Also, within the year the completion of the expansion of the jurisdiction area is expected in the new Municipalities of Delta, Panorama, Chortiatis and Thermaikos.
The Company presentation will be uploaded in the EYATH SA company website

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