Announcement to the shareholders for the Extraordinary General Meeting of EYATH SA on 30.04.2020

Following the announcement of 08.04.2020 – Invitation for the forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting of 30.04.2020 and taking into account a) the Legislative Act “Urgent measures to address the consequences of the dispersion risk of COVID-19 (Greek Government Gazette A68 / 20.03.2020) b) par. 2 of article 33 of the above Legislative Act (Greek Government Gazette A68 / 20.03.2020) for the possibility that the General Meeting of shareholders, of any legal entity, may be held by teleconference with respect to certain or as to all its members, c) the imposition of temporary restrictive measures of the citizens’ movement to deal with the dispersion risk of COVID-19 (Greek Government Gazette B 986 / 22.3.2020) d) that movement exceptions are provided if the specific need cannot be met in any other way, EYATH SA informs its shareholders about the following :

  1. A) In order to protect the shareholders, the employees, the Board of Directors and to deal with the risk of dispersal of COVID-19, it will not be possible for shareholders to be present at the place of the Extraordinary General Meeting, at the company’s headquarters in Thessaloniki, Egnatia 127, in the 7th floor, adhering faithfully and consistently to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and EODY.
  2. B) As already announced, it is possible, according to the Articles of Association of EYATH SA, to participate in the Extraordinary General Meeting remotely in real time with audiovisual or other electronic means, without the physical presence of the shareholder at the venue.
  3. C) Reminds of the possibility of participation in the General Assembly through a representative and the possibility to authorize members of the Administration to vote for them in the assembly based on voting instructions.

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