Announcement of the signature of a contract for the supply of electricity through PPAs

Thessaloniki 7/3/2024

EYATH SA is implementing the strategy and the Sustainable Development goals it has set, with the pillars of the triptych: Economy – Environment – Society, signed a contract with TERNA ENERGY ABETE, for the supply of electricity, through bilateral power purchase and sale contracts with money settlement (Financial/VirtualCorporate PPA, Pay-as-Produced), to cover its energy needs for eight (8) years, with an option of four (4) years and a total volume of 100 GWh per year.

This energy will come from both wind and photovoltaic stations. Specifically, 75 GWh will come from a wind power station, which is already in operation, and 25 GWh from a photovoltaic station, which will be ready in about 2 years.

In addition to the reduction of energy costs for the company, additional benefit will also result from the transfer of the Guarantees of Origin for this “green” energy, implementing the commitment of the Board of Directors of EYATH to monitor the evolution of carbon emissions and thus the climate targets for the reduction of the carbon footprint by 50% by 2030.

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