Announcement of the postponement of the extraordinary general meeting of 06.02.2019

EYATH SA, in accordance with law 3556/2007 and article par.3 of the of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, announces the following:
On Wednesday, 6 February 2019, at 11.00 am the Extraordinary Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of EYATH SA was established at the offices of the company’s headquarters, Egnatia 127, 7th floor, Thessaloniki, for the discussion and decision on the agenda items:
Issue 1: Election of members of the Board of Directors in replacement of resigned members
Issue 2: Election of members of the Audit Committee according to article 44 of law 4449/2017, as in force.

At the General Meeting, a total of 9 shareholders representing 30,122,091 common registered shares and voting rights, out of a total of 36,300,000 common registered shares, representing 82,98% of the share capital, were present, either in person or by representatives.

Afterwards, employees of EYATH entered the meeting place and prevented the holding of the general meeting, so that the general meeting
The day of resumption of the session of the Extraordinary General Meeting was scheduled for Thursday 21/02/2019 at 11.00 am, at the offices of the company’s headquarters, Egnatia 127, 7th floor, Thessaloniki.
The postponed Extraordinary General Meeting is a continuation of the meeting of 06/02/2019 and no repetition of the publicity formalities (invitation of the shareholders to it) is required. Shareholders which are registered in the shareholder’s registry, during the beginning of the 1/02/2019 (registry date) are liable to attend and vote.

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