Earnings after tax for the public listed company EYATH SA reached €11.23 mil during the 1st semester of 2012, representing a decrease of 6% compared to the corresponding profits of the 1st semester of 2011, which finalized at €11.95 mil.
This particular decrease in connected to the respective decrease by 2.9% of the Company turnover, which finalized at €37.76 mil., from €38.89 mil. the respective period last year, despite the fact that the Company Management succeeded to decrease the operating and distribution expenses by 9.87% (€2.29 mil from €2.54 mil.), as well as the administrative operation expenses by 14% (€2.07 mil. from €2.41 mil.), whereas at the same time it succeeded the increase by 29.48% of the remaining income (from €1.21 mil. last year, to €1.57 mil. this year).
Finally the cash levels and equivalents at the end of the period on 30/06/2012 reached €30,826 from €23,159 on 31/12/2011 noting a significant increase by €7,667 or 33%.
On a ratio level, the Group still manages to keep all the main ratios in excellent levels, with the Gross Profit Margin to reach 42.6%, the Net Profit Margin at 37.9% and finally the Profit After Tax Margin at 30%.
«The policy that was pursued by the EYATH management during the last period of time had as a prime target the maintenance of the high profit margin ratios and the expenses reduction, as a hedge to the consumption reduction due to the economic sentiment. The semester results reflect the true position of the Company, which is financial robust, with high profitability and significant liquidity», the CEO of the Company, Mr Nikos Papadakis mentions.

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