Announcement of an Increase in the Share Capital of subsidiary “EYATH SERVICES S.A.”

EYATH S.A. would like to inform prospective investors as well as its shareholders that the Extraordinary Self-Convened Universal General Meeting of Shareholders of its subsidiary EYATH SERVICES S.A. – in which EYATH S.A. is sole shareholder holding 100% of its 920,000 shares (with a total value of four hundred and sixty thousand Euros (EUR 460,000.00) –, which was held on 11/02/2022, has adopted the following resolution:

To increase the share capital of EYATH SERVICES S.A. by one million Euros (EUR 1,000,000.00) through cash payment and issue of two million (2,000,000) new shares with a nominal value of fifty Euro cents (EUR 0.50) each, with a view to meeting its medium-term cash requirements and setting up a cash buffer.

Article 5 of the company’s Articles of Association is therefore amended as follows:

“The Company’s share capital amounts to EUR 1,460,000 (one million, four hundred and sixty thousand Euros) and it is divided into 2,920,000 (two million, nine hundred and twenty thousand) shares with a value of EUR 0.50 (fifty Euro cents) each.”

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