Announcement ex dividend date of fiscal year 2014

From EYATh announces the following:
a) Following the announcement of June 30, 2015 after the Annual General Meeting on June 29 on the payment of dividends and as
b) the announcement of July 10th on the bank holiday and the shift of the cut-off date and the dividend payment, from EYATh
announces the following:
In accordance with article of the Athens Exchange Regulation and in accordance with the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of June 29, 2015, the dividend for 2014 at EUR 0.24 per share, which pursuant to Article 14 of the Law 4110/2013, subject to 10% withholding tax and therefore the net final amount payable per share will amount to € 0,216.
Cut-off date is defined as the August 3 2015. On this date the Company’s shares will be traded on the ATHEX without the right to dividend.
The date determining the dividend beneficiaries, (record date) are the registered investors on August 4th, 2015.
The dividend shall be paid from August 10, 2015 by paying EUROBANK ERGASIAS bank as follows:
1. Through the operators, to those shareholders who have authorized the receipt of dividends their operators.
2. Through the branch network of Bank branches EUROBANK ERGASIAS, for those shareholders who keep their shares in the special account or failed to supply or withdraw the authorization to the Operators.
3. For those shareholders who, for various reasons, be credited through their operators will be able to receive the dividend or the shareholders themselves or their duly authorized representatives in the Bank EUROBANK ERGASIAS throughout its branch network upon presenting their ID or authorized by the proprietor, attested to the authenticity of the signature by a public authority.
Dividends not collected within five (5) years is written off to the Greek State.
For more information the Shareholders can contact the Shareholders Service and Corporate Announcements of the Company (2310 286 613).

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