An important infrastructure project is being implemented

One of the two major pipeline projects launched by EYATH begins tomorrow at midnight and will be completed on Sunday noon. The project is part of EFAT’s broader investment and infrastructure development plan and will make a crucial contribution to the optimal management of Thessaloniki’s water resources – especially downtown – and to the overall improvement of the quality of life of its residents.

The works, which will cause temporary disruption of water supply to a large part of central Thessaloniki, relate to the connection of the Aliakmonas main network (aqueduct) to that of the Aravissos, via a large cross-section steel pipeline (Φ500), recently completed by ESA . The new pipeline will “cling” to the junction of the Dodecanese-Egnatia (Republic Square) streets with an existing impeller line running from the Dendropotamos pumping station running through downtown Thessaloniki and ending at Evangelistria.

This will ensure the possibility of alternative water supply to the center of Thessaloniki by Aliakmonas and not only by Aravissos, as it is today, which has led to problems in the past. In addition, the project will allow for a better overall management of the available water reserves in the Town Planning Group.

The power cut will start tomorrow at midnight and affect the downtown area, which includes Aggelaki St., Egnatia St., Monastiriou St., Anagenniseos St., New West Entrance, October 26th St. and Niki Avenue. Completion of work is scheduled for Sunday noon. In any case, EYATH will make every effort to restore the water supply as quickly as possible and disrupt the inhabitants of the city as little as possible.


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