An award for occupational sports

An award to EYATH for its contribution to occupational sports was presented during the closing ceremony of the 4th Northern Greece Occupational Sports Games, organized by the Hellenic Organization for Occupational Sports and Health at the Panorama Olympic Sports Center.

The award was received on behalf of EYATH, by the member of the Board of Directors, Sophia Ammanatidou. As she said, “preserving public health and well-being is by definition the mission of companies like EYATH, but it is also common ground with any organization or body that promotes sports and socialization”. “Especially work sport, through group activities, helps to develop skills, cultivate team spirit and cooperation, strengthen relationships, good health and quality of life. Therefore, we as EYATH cannot help but fervently support actions like those of the Hellenic Organization for Occupational Sports and Health and we thank it for its great contribution to our common goal”, added Mrs. Ammanatidou.

The 4th Work Sports Games were the first to be organized after the pandemic and indeed with a large participation from the workers’ side. They were held on the two days of May 13-14, 2023, and more than 300 athletes participated, who, escaping from the work routine, gave everything for the victory, renewing their appointment for the following year. In total, athletes from 14 different companies and organizations participated, while there was also participation from Serbia, with the Labor Sports Federation of the neighboring country. The sports in which the participants competed were football, basketball, chess, bowling, petanque, Spartan Race, 5km road race, darts and tennis.