An appointment at the “Red Road”

EYATH was present today in the center of Thessaloniki in view of the World Environment Day, on Sunday, June 5, calling on the people of Thessaloniki to take action with the slogan “We have only one  planet Earth. We take care of it! ”

In two stands, in Agia Sofia and Aristotelous sqr., information material was distributed about the action EYATH – Counter-Region of Development and Environment of the Region of Central Macedonia and the team “Echedorou Fysis”, in “Kokkino Dromo” of Kalochori on Sunday (10 am) . Representatives of EYATH talked to passing citizens, giving them simple advice on how each of us can individually participate in the “solution” of the environmental crisis. They also distributed promotional material and made an appointment on Sunday at 10 in the morning for the maintenance of the “Red Road” in Kalochori.

“At PKM we attach maximum importance to the protection and care of the environment. Our actions and initiatives prove it, with the restoration of the western part of Thessaloniki at the forefront. In this effort we are always looking for new allies, as we do now with EYATH. Besides, the effort of EYATH for upgrading and care of the environment is worth mentioning and an example to be imitated for other companies “, said the vice-governor of Development and Environment of PKM, Costas Gioutikas.

The chemical engineer, member of the Board of EYATH – responsible for CSR issues Maria Petala pointed out: EYATH celebrates World Environment Day with a slogan drawn up at the call of the UN: ‘We have only one Earth. We take care of her! ‘ So we invite you to celebrate together on Sunday in the lagoon of Kalochori, in a special wetland of unique beauty, a breath from Thessaloniki “. “The environmental crisis is not a vague concept, it touches us all and should make us get up from our chairs and take action. We, as EYATH, in our daily operation, in our business and investment planning, constantly integrate social, environmental criteria and rules of corporate governance “, he added.

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