Aliakmon AqueductOur Water Sources

The Aliakmon aqueduct consists of the following sections:

  • The connecting canal
  • The Sindos pump station
  • The Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant
  • The Ionia pump station

From the Aliakmon reservoir (near Agia Varvara in the Prefecture of Imathia) water is carried via the open-air connecting canal under its own free flow to the western banks of the Axios River, over a distance of 50 km. Then via a twin 1.5 km long siphon it passes under the Axios River and in a sealed pipeline 8.5 km long is transported to the Sindos pump station. There it is forwarded via a 4.7 km long pipeline to the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Plant.

Cutting edge, multi-level water cleaning procedures are applied at the refinery, which including flocculant and sedimentation processes, filtration via sand and active carbon beds, ozonation and chlorination. That ensures the high quality of the resultant water and allows the plant to treat 150,000 m3/ day. The clean drinking water is distributed to the Thessaloniki Industrial Area and then via the Ionia pump station and 36 km of pipes to water supply tanks located primarily in the western and eastern parts of Thessaloniki.


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