Vice Chairman

Grigorios PenelisVice Chairman

Dr. Gregory G. Penelis, MSc, DIC, Phd, is as structural engineer graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a post graduate degree in earthquake engineering from Imperial College and a Phd is nonlinear dynamics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is the co-author of “Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions”, 1st and 2nd edition, by Taylor and Francis (CRC Press) as well as co-author of “Structural Restoration of Masonry Monuments” by Taylor and Francis (CRC Press 2019).

In his professional capacity he has been involved in the design/review of concrete and steel buildings worldwide, from India to Mexico and the MENA region, as well as the seismic assessment of listed and monumental masonry buildings. ECtools design software has been included in Scia Engineers and is being used by the largest consulting firms worldwide (AECOM) and software validations for Walter P. Moore, Houston and HLW, New York. He has been involved in many research projects regarding the seismic assessment of listed and monumental buildings as well as urban nucleus. His team has developed the concrete and seismic design modules of Scia Engineer for the IBC.

He has been twice awarded the gold medal by the Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa for his volunteer work, received the Institute of Structural Engineers (UK) 2016 Structural Award and the ENR 2016 Global Best Project Award (USA) for the innovative design approaches adopted for the largest ferrocement structure in the world, the Renzo Piano designed 330ftx330ft canopy of the new Athens Opera House, and the ENR2017 Global Best Project Award (USA) for the restoration of the 2.000 years old Roman Tower and Church (Margirgis) in Cairo.

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