Sofia AmmanatidouNon-executive member

Sofia Ammanatidou is a graduate of the Business Administration Department  and a holder of a postgraduate title in Management Information Systems of the University of Macedonia.
She works as a Class A economist/accountant, and she is a manager/an administrator of an accounting firm.
She is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.
Since 2017 she is an Accredited Mediator and a Certified Insolvency Practitioner (Special Administrator) by the Ministry of Justice, and she has undertaken the special administration of large enterprises entered into such regime, such as “Axon Holdings S.A.”.
Furthermore, she is a member of the Extrajudicial Debt Settlement Coordinators’ Registry of the Special Secretariat for the Management of Private Debt and the registry of evaluators of development programs of EFEPAE.
Since 2019, she participates in the special liquidation procedure of ELBO, whereby she has assumed increased managerial/administrative duties.
She has received a certificate in Financial Accounting from “Harvard Business School”, a certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards from the “Association of International Accountants”, England, whereas she has attended an Annual Program of Insurance Studies of the University of Macedonia.
She has also participated in numerous seminars on accounting, economics and corporate governance.

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