EYATH S.A., a company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001, provides water supply and sewerage services to more than 1.2 million citizens in the greater Thessaloniki Urban Area every day. It specialises in the design, construction, installation, operation, utilisation, management, maintenance, extension and renewal of water supply and sewerage systems. Its activities include projects such as desalination, pumping, treatment, storage, transport, distribution and management of all types of water, as well as the collection, transport, treatment, storage and management of waste (other than toxic).

Moreover, the company undertakes the utilisation of products from waste water treatment, the provision of telecom services via the water supply and sewerage networks it operates and is also involved in the generation and sale of own-produced electricity (which is primarily generated by utilising water from springs, dams, aqueducts and pipelines). The EYATH’s competencies also include extensions to new areas or changes to water supply-sewerage systems (networks and facilities), to improve the quality and quantity of water supplied to consumers.

EYATH S.A. applies the Greek legislation on companies contained in Codified Law 2190/1920, as in force today, and Law 3016/2002 as a listed company, and has also brought its Articles of Association into line with Law 3429/2005.

Article 13 of EYATH S.A.’s codified Articles of Association, approved by decision No. Κ2-16550/19-11-2007 of the Minister of Development (Government Gazette 13309/20.11.2007) states that the Company is to be run by the Board of Directors comprised of between 9 and 11 members elected by the Company’s General Meeting of Shareholders. Their term in office is 5 years.

Members are either executive or non-executive (at least 2 of the latter must also be independent). Two members of the Board of Directors represent employees.

Once elected the Board of Directors must convene and officially meet as a body and elect a Chairman and one or more Vice Chairmen. It can also elect a CEO from among its members. The position of Chairman may be held by the same person holding the position of CEO.

The Board of Directors also decides on the appointment of general managers and their duties.


General Manager of Operation and Coordination of Networks and Installations Theodoridou Parthena
Administration and Organisation Manager Arabatzis Nikolaos
Chief Financial Officer Alexandris Dimitrios
Consumer Service Manager Petridis Panagiotis
Digital Transformation and Informatics Manager Angelou Georgios
Strategic Planning, Hydraulic Works & Development Manager Mentes Alexandros
Water Supply Network Manager Lazaridis Spiridon
Water Supply Installations Manager Seretoudi Georgia
Sewerage Network Manager Traganos Christos
Sewerage Installations Manager Kotoulas Konstantinos
Head of Division of Compliance, Crisis & Risk Management Samara Maria
Head of Internal Audit Unit Kafetzis Georgios


The Board of Directors is convened by the Chairman, in line with the Company’s Articles of Association, and meets up to 4 times a month.

Name Post On Board
Agis Papadopoulos
Chairman, non-executive member
Anthimos Amanatidis CEO, executive member
Grigorios Penelis Vice Chairman, independent non-executive member
Nikolaos Klitou Independent non-executive member, Chairman of the Audit Committee
Maria Petala Independent non-executive member
Sofia Ammanatidou Independent non-executive member
Aikaterini Tsikaloudaki Non-executive member
Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos
Non-executive member
Theodoros Koulouris Executive member
Georgios Satlas Non-executive member
Georgios Archontopoulos Non-executive member, employee representative
Ioannis Mitzias Non-executive member, employee representative

According to Article 23 of the Articles of Association, the Board’s pay and remuneration are set by decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

organization chart 2020


EYATH S.A. employs staff with university, technical secondary and basic educations as well as highly-trained expert staff. The total number of company employees is shown in the table below:
(all regular employees)






















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