A two-day test drive on “aqua3S” technologies

A pilot practice and…a test drive of the “tools” and the platform that have been developed as part of the “aqua3S” research project was organized, under the responsibility of EYATH S.A., on the two days of October 13-14 at the Thessaloniki Water Treatment Facility, in Sindos. Project partners, agencies, services and research organizations from Greece and abroad participated, who contributed know-how and experience, in order to optimize the capabilities of the project’s technological “tools” for dealing with crisis situations in water safety issues.

In the practice where used, in addition to the technologies developed in the framework of “aqua3S” (utilization of satellite survey tools to detect pollution in the surface waters of large reservoirs, use of unmanned remote-controlled flying vehicles to determine polluting factors, use of organic matter detection sensors, etc.), the sensors and measuring systems that EYATH S.A. already uses in its infrastructure and operations. All the technologies were combined with each other and interacted with the users of the platform developed under “aqua3S”. In this way, direct communication between those involved is ensured, while their actions in the midst of a crisis are also evaluated, so that relevant solutions can be immediately proposed.

The practice handling scenarios in the ENTH were considered successful by the participants, since the combination of technologies “showed” readiness in a possible future crisis.

The research project “aqua3S” (Enhancing Standardization strategies to integrate innovative technologies for Safety and Security in existing water networks) is co-financed by the European Research and Development Funding Program “Horizon 2020” of the European Commission (Horizon 2020). EYATH participates in the project as a partner together with the Directorate of Public Health of the Region of Central Macedonia.

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