A “tool” research for the climate crisis

The “tools” of the water supply and sewerage companies to deal with the challenges of the climate crisis and the example of EYATH was highlighted by the head of the company’s Research and Development Department, Katerina Christodoulou, in a Greek-French scientific meeting entitled “Water in the vortex of climate crisis”, in the auditorium of NOEISIS.

Research and innovation, using modern technologies, can play a decisive role in the protection and safety of water, the efficiency of available resources and infrastructure, the monitoring of quality and the advanced treatment of water and wastewater, pointed out in her presentation Mrs. Christodoulou. As she explained, the application of modern technologies (AI, big data analysis, machine learning, smart metering, remote sensing, innovative sensors) to the water supply and sewerage systems can create new perspectives in their management in light of the challenges and problems of the climate crisis . Vital parameters, said Mrs. Christodoulou, are “energy conservation and the production of renewable energy, in order to minimize the energy footprint of water supply and sewerage systems, but a supportive regulatory framework that favors the utilization of RES should be developed at the same time ». The head of EYATH Research referred in particular to the company’s actions in this context, which include optimization projects of the existing water supply network to reduce water losses, installation of 100,000 “smart” water meters, completion of the telemetry and remote control system (SCADA) of the water supply network for better management of the available quantities of water and, of course, the use of new technologies, which will optimize the path of water through the networks. Concluding, Mrs. Christodoulou reminded the non-negotiable goal of EYATH to reduce its water footprint by 20% and its energy footprint by 30% by 2030, in the philosophy of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The event took place in the context of the “1st Science Festival” of the French Embassy in Greece and the French Institute of Thessaloniki. The NOISIS Science Dissemination Center, the Polytechnic School of AUTH and the National Center for Research and Technological Development (EKETA) collaborated, with the support of EYATH. The guests of the scientific meeting were welcomed by the consul general of France and director of the French Institute of Thessaloniki, Jean-Luc Laveau, while the event was welcomed by Stella Bezergianni, president of the Board of Directors. NOISIS, and Spyros Voutetakis, director of the Institute of Chemical Processes and Energy Resources of EKETA. Mr. Laveau thanked the agencies that cooperated for the event in the context of the “Festival of Science”, a renowned French institution that the Embassy of France decided to organize this year also in Greece with the most current theme, water.