A number of sewerage projects on the coastal front

EYATH will start important works for the upgrade of the sewerage network of Thessaloniki on its coastal front, from the Port to Aggelochori, in the next period.

The projects, with a budget of 4.4m euros, will last two years and they include replacing old electromechanical equipment with new, state-of-the-art technology, replacing pressure pipelines in a pumping station inside the Port, optimizing the operation of the pumping station in Finikas, and replacing about 2,500 meters of the pipeline that ends up at the “Aineia” Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Aggelochori.

It is also planned to build a 1,330-meter coastal sewer, as well as smaller individual pipelines in the area from Litra Street and approximately the entire length of Alexander the Great St. to the east. As part of the same sub-project, a rainwater drainage pipeline will be constructed in cooperation with the Region of Central Macedonia.

“We are upgrading our infrastructure by replacing decades-old technologies and materials with the most modern ones in design and operation of urban sewerage networks. With this upgrade we aim at a significant reduction in inexpediencies and failures and especially in energy savings. Cooperating with the Region of Central Macedonia, we contribute to the construction of the rainwater drainage pipeline of the coastal front implemented by the Regional Government, aiming the least possible inconvenience to our fellow citizens – visitors of Nea Paralia. Our goal remains the implementation of our development program, which envisages improvement of infrastructure, reduction of energy costs, saving of resources and ultimately protection of the environment “, pointed out the CEO of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis.



“Aeneia” Sewage Treatment Plant
Among other things, 2,500 m of the pipeline that ends up in the “Aeneia” Sewage Treatment Plant, in Aggelochori (photo) will be replaced. The facility treats the sewage of the tourist areas of Thessaloniki.