A “key” project for water supply in the west is being auctioned

An important step for the security of the water supply of Western Thessaloniki in the event of a failure is today’s tender for the restoration of a 20,000 m2 reservoir in Evosmos, after the preparation of a specialized study for its geotechnical and static restoration.

The saving of water resources due to leaks at the used part of the tank will also be important, while the energy benefit will also be important, as a parallel action of installing solar panels on the roof with the net metering method is planned.

“This project, unfortunately decommissioned for 20 years, will now serve a triple objective: to ensure the uninterrupted water supply of the western side of Thessaloniki in the event of a failure, the reduction of unbilled water and our energy footprint, with energy savings from solar panels at the installation”, pointed out the managing director of EYATH SA, Anthimos Amanatidis, on the occasion of today’s auction of the project.

The two-compartment tank D5 above the ring road in the Municipality of Evosmos began to be constructed in 1992, when its first, western chamber was completed. In 2001, the second, eastern chamber was also constructed, which practically never worked due to the large subsidence that occurred leading to extensive cracks. The specialized geotechnical and static study that was prepared confirmed the initial estimates of EYATH that the high embankment on which the reservoir was founded has partially failed. The intervention and restoration study includes 3.30m deep cement injections in a 1.50m canvas (distance 1.50X1.50m), so as to ensure the foundation of the tank. In addition, the restoration of the reinforced concrete carrier is foreseen, with the repair of the cracks and local oxidation of the reinforcements and the inner lining of the tank with a reinforced membrane system, which is not attached to the reinforced concrete, but is hung from the ceiling. This innovative insulation system has already been piloted by EYATH in the Evangelistria reservoir with great success, zeroing out water losses.

This project, along with a series of others for the water supply and drainage of Thessaloniki, serves EYATH’s commitment to follow sustainable practices, creating added value for the environment, society and wider economic activity. The operation of modern durable infrastructures and the improvement of the quality of life of the people of Thessaloniki remain the unwavering goals of the company.



ΓΕΩΤΡΗΣΗ ΕΝΤΟΣ ΔΕΞΑΜΕΝΗΣ 1 Photo from exploratory drilling



The inside of the tank



Section of the tank with the intended restoration measures

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